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The brisket was 12.8 lbs. I set the smoker at 225. It hit 195 after 19 hours. I used about 5 oz of Hickory.

I am slightly disappointed in the outcome. The flat, which I sliced, was pretty dry. The rest which I chopped was pretty moist. It all tasted good though and the 5oz of Hickory was perfect. I made homemade baked beans and I came up with a new sauce to go with it.
Did you use a meat thermometer? If doing a whole brisket I put a probe in the flat, knowing it will be done first (thinner), of course, the brisket is separated (the flat from the point). Once I pull the flat, I insert the probe into the point until it reaches the desired temp.

Also, once I pull my flat, I foil it along with a cup or 2 of 1 part BBQ sauce and 1 part apple cider vinegar along with a couple tablespoons of honey. Makes for an extra juicy brisket.
Rule #2 from 'ole Smokin'

Keep good notes

Those little details will help in the long run. Sounds like you were close, but not quite.

While it hit 195, it could have been done sooner, since it might depend on where you put the thermometer, as had been said. I use the probe as a guide. When it hits 180, I start poking around with the probe, trying to get a feel for how easy the probe inserts. You said it was dry, was it overcooked and just falling apart or was it dry and tough? Did you cook it with the point on top?

The point will always stay moist as it run like 50% fat, but it's great to make Burnt Ends out of.

You can cook a great brisket in the CS without having to foil it (sorry Wheelz) just keep practicing.

Something else probably contributed to the dryness. Could have been the amount or lack of fat on top of the brisket. Did you cook it with the fat up? Also, what rack, probably the middle, but hopefully not the bottom?

I definitely keep good notes. I have a book that has all my cooks in it and how they turned out plus all my sauce, rub, and now beans recipes.

The brisket was overcooked and fallin apart, not tough. I cooked it on the middle rack, point on top, and I did not trim any fat off, so it had a nice layer of fat. I think I just left it in a little too long. Even though it was a little on the dry side, it still tasted good.

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