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I just thought, while reading a post and saw the word bark, about why I can't just cook some meat to just produce bark.

With that, this is off the cuff here, why couldn't I get some cut of meas(the type depending on the meat it will go with), let's say pork. Why can't I just get a thinner piece, rub it wet(extra moisture) smoke it along with the meat(Maybe directly below the meat for the drippings and get Extra bark chunks for the pulled pork?

Has anyone done this? Am I too far outside the box on this? I guess I could just grill a piece and rip it up for the pork.

Lets try to nail this as we love the bark so much. I did a brisket and lost the top 1/2 to the fat. Was not going to add that to anything(well mybe a few for chili).
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Hey, DeeMac, not sure where you're going with that. The smoker should dry up that thin slab of meat you are proposing, suitable for boot repair.

But, as long as you are prospecting in the fertile mines of Q, check out "burnt ends." It is a style that comes from people like you, mad about bark. And, there seems to be some kind of trick to it, because I can't make it. Cool
ok, so while I have 2 9.5lb butts(shank's) I also bought a 2lb's of the country style prok ribs(non bone ones).

I butterflied them a little and mounded the rub on them. Now, I tucked it into itself a little and put it on the bottom shelf. I will check it at the 45 minute mark and then at each 1/2 hour until I see it to the point of a little firm. Then I will pull it out and blast it on the grill. Next I will just chop it and see if worthy of being in the pulled pork.

Stay tuned

Good question and the solution is not all that difficult.

Bone, or butterfly,a butt.

Don't worry about perfect technique,the long cook will take care of the hacking.

Coat well with your usual rub,add to the cooker a couple hours later than your bone in butt.

Think about pulling it out around 185�+, or so.

You will have twice as much surface, to form bark,and some decent slices-if you want.

Experiment ,until you get where you are headed. Big Grin

I did just pull those country style ribs out(all meat both mr. and Mrs in them) and WOW, soooo tender and the bark is not quite there but I liked it so much I decided to pull it and try to finish on the grill. The flavor was nice and spicy.

they even looked pullable. so I will sear them on the grill and see the taste

I will try the butt thing though next time.

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