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The key to ANY pellets is the % of hardwood to flavor wood.

Me? I don't like any of the Alder based pellets, such as Trager. I don't think it does well with BTU's and to me just doesn't add flavor.

Try to stick it one that has a hardwood based (such as FE) and then find out the % if you can. I believe the ones CS is selling now are 66% oak and 34% hickory (don't quote me, but that's what I seem to remember as they're new pellets)
Originally posted by ThomEmery:
We have used them
I prefer BBQers Delight
But they work fine
I looked up the BBQers Delight web page and the biggest bag of pellets is 1 pound bags, 12 bags for $49. So if I was to cook any BBQ in an FEC 100 for 12 hrs, it'll cost me $49, using the formula that an FEC 100 burns 1 pound of pellets per hour Eeker Did I miss something?
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
She has larger bags, so you might just call/contact her direct.

Since she sells competing pellet to CS, probably the best approach.

As CS now has reforumulated their pellets, you might look at them too.

Thanks for info. I can't seem to find CS pellets for FEC 100 I've been looking around this forum and only found wood chunks I'd appreciate any help Thanks

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