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I have done many a beef shoulder for pulled beef. I usually cook to an internal of 200-205. This time however I want to use it as a kind of pot roast. What temperature should I strive for to make it just sliceable? 180-185?
I also am going to try placing a pan directly under the roast to save all those heavily spiced and salty drippings for gravy.
Also a lot of the leftovers are going into beef hash. That's the plan anyway. I just am not quite sure on the internal temp for pot roast.
Thanks all
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Yep,that Dawn detergent at Sam's will even degrease your driveway. Big Grin

Sorry, I didn't clarify that you can refrigerate all the pan drippings after you strain out the solids,let set overnight and lift off the solid hunk of meat grease.

The grease separating cups do save a lot of time,especially at cookoffs.Not that anyone would ever use a pan,or foil for any category. Big Grin

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