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Okay, I see beer mentioned quite a lot, one of the reasons I like this forum. What is your beer of choice? Not for cooking mind, what you like to drink. I did check the find function, not a lot there.

Utah is a relative desert, separation of church and state doesn't seem to have reached this place yet. You can get some good stuff at the liquor store, but it's expensive. I like Icehouse, and it's reasonable. Guinness is okay, you can get it for a decent price at Costco. If you want really strong stuff that'll get you plowed The Devastator is the king. Made in Salt Lake by Wasatch Beers, a double bock, to quote Dave Chappelle: it'll get ya drunk!
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Now here is a subject a man can latch onto. What better place really to begin this conversation. Barbeque and Beer? Naturally. Like cheese and crackers. What to recommend? That is an enormous question. You liked Icehouse, which is a lager to my knowledge. Guinness a porter and I am not familiar with "devastator" but a double is definately drunk juice. Emperials are double every ingredient basically which nets more alcohol during the ferment.

There are soooooooooo many beers to try, it may actually be a shame to fall in love with one. I might recommend Rogue beers, being in Utah, you should have a pretty good access to them. It is a phenomenal brewery in Orgeon and a very wide variety. With Barbeque, I particularly enjoy the Dead Guy Ale and The IP2A which is a double IPA a hop bomb indeed.

Just buy a bunch of singles if you have an outlet to do so and start trying different styles. Enjoy!


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