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Hi all this is my first post on this site but have been lurking here for a while. I got a new 55 last year and love it. Ive done lots of butts and some back ribs with great success and today Im going to try some beef ribs. My next experiment will be a brisket, Im thinking of doing a flat from costco. Now , I like making my own rubs what is your favorite brisket rub recipe ?? cooking technique for a flat?? thanks in advance Mike
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BeerBBQ, I've been getting a ton of compliments with the flats I've been doing using McCormicks(?) Montreal Seasoning--both sides and if I'm doing two similar size flats I use a friend's suggestion and put 'em "back to back" (fat-side out) and tie 'em with some string. Not sure what it does to the overall, but I usually sprinkle some Cookshack Spicy Chicken Rub on the "insides" of the two flats.

I've been laying some bacon slices over the top to aide in the moisturizing and everyone loves the mesquite wood I'm using. They're going 10-11 hours usually to get to 192ish. I drizzle some beef broth over the finished product when I wrap in foil to rest. Good golly are they deeeeeeeelish!!

PS--The bacon is incredible-tasting too and I usually freeze it and use later for scrambled-eggs (broken pieces inside the omelet).

Good luck!
Since you like to make your own rubs,you might try this.

Most folks think the goal is to balance salt, heat, and sweet.

There are traditionalists ,in heavy brisket country, that think salt and pepper is all you need-just like seasoning a steak.

Try putting a little salt and pepper in a bowl and see if that is the mix you like to sprinkle on another food.

Some folks might like a little of red,black,and white peppers to stimulate different areas of taste.

Add a little sugar to balance the salt and heat.

Most folks would say to pick one other ingredient you like and add it to taste.

Now,a lot of brisket cooks think granulated garlic and onion powder are nice.

To help build bark,some cooks might add a good dose of turbinado sugar,at this point.

If you get tired of reinventing the wheel,Cookshack has an excellent brisket rub,that comp cooks can recommend to you.
Just a suggestion for your next "big cook" in your 055, what I did was order a set of Amerique side racks for my 055 (after confirming the shelf racks from my AQ fit the 055). The AQ shelf racks hold four grates 5 inches apart, enough for packers or butts on each shelf/grate. Unlike the std. 055 which holds 5 shelves/grates < 4inches apart, which will not usually allow big packers or butts on each, without skipping everyother one, leaving you only 3 to use. However, 5 shelves/grates are great for doing those ribs.
Like the others said, mesquite can be undesireable, but I do use a small amount (25%) with other wood (pecan is great or cherry).
BeerBBQ - I like the All-South Barbecue Rub from The Thrill of the Grill: Techniques, Recipes, & Down-Home Barbecue ISBN: 0688088325
for briskets and butts. Do NOT use on RIBS, it has a nice kick.

salt,sugar,brown sugar,cumin,chili powder, fresh cracked black pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika
Thanks for the compliment!

I like the Aussie. It's smoky and spicy, with a robust flavor that goes great with brisket. Mix it up with some horseradish and mustard as a paste and it makes an incredible bark.

It is my personal favorite. PM me with your address, and I'll send you out a bag.
I know this doesn't answer your rub question but since you are dealing with Costco, get one of the meat guys attention and ask them for uncut briskets. They always have them and then you can do it up right. I usually get all my meat from them and they have no problem getting me things from the back at a lower price.

Sent you a PM Just picked up a brisket from the butcher shop near my house. He said he just ran out of them but had one left that he sold a chunk of the flat off of, he said the remaining piece would be ideal for smoking. He also trimmed it up for me Im not sure if that was a mistake or not we'll find out ??

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