After searching the web I still can't decide on the best digital thermometer, remote or otherwise.

The problem I'm having is that the "user reviews" are always less than stellar.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Stick ten BBQ cooks in a row and ask them these questions and you will get 52 different answers!

All I can say is I use a Maverick ET-73 as a remote therm and a Thermopen Fast Read as a digital. Been using these now for 3-4 years and very happy with them.
You can stop in Target and most box stores and buy a Taylor with about a four ft cable for about $15.

Many comp teams have several setting on their cookers.

If a probe goes bad[rarely]you can replace it from Taylor for $5.

I drop,drown,burn the base units and can't remember one going bad.

You can always find the "perfect" one, after you use this one for a few years.

Just my $0.02
If you aren't set on a remote and just want a great quality digi thermometer.. Go with the Taylor that you can get at Target stores for about $15. I have two of them and have NEVER had a lick of problem.. In fact, I've had mine for about 3 years and haven't even had to change the batteries yet.

Some folks have had problems with the probes.. but most haven't.. including myself.. never a lick of problem. Also, my units were pretty spot on as far as temp is concerned.. 32º in ice water and 212º in boiling water.
I really love my Maverick ET-73. I usually do several pieces of meat at a time, so I put the "Food" probe in the bottom one, and the "Cooker" probe in the top one. I place the remote on my bedside table, and set it for the temp I want. It is just great. I also have a Taylor I got at Wally World for less than $15 while I was waiting for my Maverick to arrive. It is fine too, for a non-remote. I usually put the probe in the piece of meat on the middle rack.

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