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I've never heard of pork cushion. Did a Google and came across this post from a butchers forum:

The "cushion" comes from the Pork Shoulder Picnic (or Arm), The picnic shoulder is more economical than the Boston Butt, but also contains more fat than the blade shoulder. When the bone and fat is trimmed from this cut it results in a very rich flavored roast. The meat from this cut is excellent for making juicy barbecued pulled pork. The Picnic has a large bone and joint that runs through the middle of the roast, one side has a large lean muscle...that is the "cushion". You can also slice and pound them for pork cutlets, stew meat, etc and use them in any chicken recipe.

Several other Google hits mentioned using the cushion for pulled of which suggested a brine/marinade prior to smoking.

LLC are you up for a challenge? Try smoking cushion meat and let us know the results.
I'm no expert,but have seen it in some chains in FL.If it is less cost per serving,you can buy/serve it.The Canadians here are used to it.The places that serve sliced pork feel that rather than breaking down the shoulder to get a "loin like" roast and disposing the fat,the yield is a little better to just buy these boneless and slice them.

The chains in FL for many years sold kinda thick sliced pork with a loin roast appearance.

When the chain that has Red Lobster,Olive Garden,etc[Darden] opened Smokey Bones Barbecue group they served pulled pork,brisket ,and cold beer which changed the market here.

The reps that sold large "gassers", like Southern Prides, recommended cooking pork to a little over 175º[-increases yield ] and boneless meat [less labor].The pieces would slice to look like "loin" which is strong with Canadians. These fit that model.Distributors already buy a lot of cases.They slice thick,or thin.

They also recommended bottom round,instead of briskets for the same reasons.

Sorry if this rambles,but just passing on historical anecdotes.

The feeling would be"you can use them to replace butts,picnics,shoulders-if the price is right.

FL not really considered the South,which would know and historically prefer pork shoulders.

Hope this helps a little.

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