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I think I know what I'm going to hear...but will ask anyway. I'm a bread guy; chease bread, garlic bread, french bread, texas toast and every variation in between. If I have MEAT and potatoes and a form of bread from the grill I'm in heaven.

When I grill a bacon cheeseburger I serve the it on buns that have finished in the end with it all off the grill.

My goal would be to set the buns I'm going to be serving on in the CS while I'm pulling a PB and other variations along those line.

I'm guessing from what I've researched the AQ will not reach the temps and too humid to make that work?

I'm fine with firing up two grills to accomplish the end product of meat and potatoes...just curious if anyones got experience with puting a finish smoking on the breads they are serving the coupe de grace with.
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As you stated, the humidity and temp won't make bread work.

I also think, that after using it a while, you'll get to where everything doesn't have to be smoked (like I don't like smoked steaks).

But smoke some of the ingredients (like salts, nuts, etc) and add those to your bread
yummmm PIZZA. Loving all the ideas.

I'll stay focused on learning the meat n cheese on the CS and let the kids/wife take care of the breads then.

My mom provides the buns during the holidays and the kids have some great memories of staying up WAY to late working the dough with her for the big meal. I'll let them keep doing their thing and focus on putting the meat on the table!
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Originally posted by TN Q:
I like a good artisan bread any day. But with pulled pork ya can't beat a plain white bread bun fresh out of the bag.

They're called many things, but how about PP rolled up and then baked in a roll. Ymmmmmm

would that be a PP calzone??? Whatever it may be called, you're right it does sound mmmmmmmmmmmm good!

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