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Hi All,

New FEC owner looking for some help on Brisket.

I have been cooking briskets for a few years (on my Traeger)

I just cooked two whole packers (1-12lb and 1-14lb) on the FEC this weekend. I cooked them at 250*, and they took about 10 hours to get done.

I injected and rubed them just like normal, foiled them around 170*

They were very dry. Good taste, but dry.

Anyone see anything majorly wrong that I did?

I cooked them fat side down on the middle two racks.


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The process you described is very similar to what I do for briskets. Do you take your briskets to any specific temp or do you probe for doneness? Also, do you let your briskets rest in a cooler for any length of time after they're done smoking? Your temp is a bit higher than what I go with, I'm usually cooking around 200 to 234.

I'm sure others will have some ideas for you.
Don't claim to be an expert,but have cooked a few packers on different FEC s.
Maybe a silly question,but were they the same briskets you always cook?Did you check your therms,and did you verify the actual temp at the cook surface?

Any other change at all in your process?

What internal temp did you take them to?

Like trucky,is 250* the actual temp at the cook surface?
I can't point to something specific.

Open the door much?

The reason I ask, is that the FEC, when the fan is running, almost cooks like a convection oven with the air moving around (happens too when a lot of air comes into the exhaust).

Figuring out "dry" briskets is tough, because we're never cooking the same beef. Just because it's "choice" or "select" doesn't mean it is. The grading is very subjective and any more, I think the current choice is like the old select because they can sell the cow for more $$$

You might wrap them a little sooner, in the 160's, not 170.

Have you verified the temp of the probe. Maybe you took them a little long. 200 to me is almost overcooked in some, but not all briskets.

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