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We are planning on doing at least 3 briskets this weekend. My husband always prepares them the same way and they are so good they're called "Steve's 30 Second Briskets" because that's about how long they last on the cutting board. (Kind of like my "Disappearing Mustard").

I'd appreciate it if any of you would share any particular rubs or marinades that you use on brisket so that we can try something different on one of them.

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Hey, J, sounds like a great challenge. What's your current rub?

And what about that "dissappearing mustard?" You can't leave us hanging like that.

I use a rub called Wild Willie in the Smoke and Spice book. Heavy on paprika. Brown sugar. Not sure it's the best, after all.

I might go back to just salt and pepper...! Cool
I use Southern Succor Rub, also from the Smoke & Spice book. I've used it on pork, and brisket, with great results. I like it because it gives it some spice, and leaves a great bark.

It's easy to make...if you're interested here are the ingredients:

Southern Succor Rub
(Used for many cuts of pork, including shoulder)

� cup ground pepper � cup paprika
� cup turbinado sugar � cup salt
4 tsp. dry mustard 1 tsp. cayenne pepper

Makes about 2 cups

Mix spices thoroughly in a bowl. Store covered in a cool, dark pantry.
Hey Julie....a simple recipe you might want to try is:
rub brisket with your own mustard (sounds good)
rub MCcormick's Montreal steak seasoning or Tones steak seasoning and Lawry's seasoning into the brisket and refrigerate for 8 hrs. or overnight.
When the brisket comes out of the smoker and is foil wrapped and"resting" slice a couple of onions and sautee them in butter until carmelized a dark brown and serve over/with the meat.

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