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Here are some pictures of a smoke I did on the 4th of July.
Hope you like em!
The first pic is the sauce that I made. It is a K C style sauce however, I made it a little thinner than the usual. (I like a thinner sauce because it seems to mingle with the meat on the sandwich alot better)

The next pic is a 6.8 lb butt that already had the fat cap removed. No problem, I have a cookshack....ha ha

Next, I scored a diamond pattern,rubbed with mustard,added my rub,and wrapped in plastic. after refrigerating it overnight I took it out, applied more rub and placed it on the smokette rack

13 hrs later with the smokette set at 225degrees the internal is 194 and I'm bringing it out to wrap in aluminum foil and let it rest for a couple of hours.

after 1 1/2 hrs of resting I unwrap and love what I see.

it has some good bark..

and here's a pic of the happy couple.....Mr. Brown & Mrs. White

Of course none of this would be possible without Smokin's 101 series....and seeing these pics wouldn't have been possible without his help.....thanks Smokin...YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!

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Well, we're a good team, I've been asked to update the 101s and the Butt 101 doesn't have any photos.

Photos are always helpful.

Questions will be coming, but I have one.

Why did you trim off the fat cap?


Do you use a lot of brown sugar or sugar in your rub? The coating looks pretty dark, but it DOES look tasty.

And good photo of Mr. Brown and Mrs. White.

The meat was not in a cryovac package....actually it was left over from a larger cut that the butcher had already worked on..(dont know why)...but he had already removed the fat cap and what you see is what I got...Yes,I would have left the fat cap on and put it in the smoker with the cap on top...however, the smokette did a fine job of keeping it moist.

The rub had been "tweeked" a bit. originally it called for brown sugar but I opted for half brown sugar and half Turbinado sugar....I think thats why it is so dark...but it isn't burnt....just nice and chewy..


I really don't see a lot of fat cap on butts,but I do trim them down a very little.

I figure there is still enough internal moisture,that I don't worry with the external.

I usually boost the sugar content in my rubs with some turbinado and it tends to be pretty dark.

It does produce a heavier bark.

I agree that there is no burnt taste.
Since we have so much in cane fields,they try anything to sell it.

I haven't tried it,but it sounds like they are sqeezin' out the juice-like cane syrup-and dehydrating it.

You can then use it just like sugar in the raw.

As you know,the Mexicans dry it in cones for you to regrind.

I'm not sure what "the hook" is,but I can't see how it can be much different.

As we say,"these trick secret ingredients confuse the overall process". Wink
Sorry you guys had to wait for an answer....we've been trying to get every little bit of enjoyment out of the lake before school starts, anyways, I do not foil my butts until they come out of the smokette and are ready to "rest"..I have seen butts foiled before but they we're on an offset and we all know how dry food can get on them if you aren't carefull. I'm sure foiling has its place in the world of "CS Smoking" but so far I've been happy with the "foil after the smoke" process.

and to answer johnapu's question. yes the oven thermometer works very well, even though it is close to the smoke box...(its hanging off of the middle rack) however, I only look at it when I'm finished smoking....its just there to throw up a red flag in case I have the smokette set for 225 and I open it up to find that it is well below or above that...I really try not to open the door at all and so far I haven't had to ....but if for some reason the temp isn't climbing like it should then that would be the first thing staring be in the face when I open the door.
Thanks for the kudos!!!!!


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