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2 month old SM009, 2 boston butts in at 4pm at 225. Get up at 6am (14 hours in) butts at 165. Turn temp up to 250, at 4pm 10 hours later (24 hours total) butts only at 180. Pull butts and wrap in foil into oven at 300 and within an hour they are at 192.

I have had very mixed results with this unit, it seems that sometimes it cooks OK and others not. I had done BB ribs, and they took 14 hours, another time only 6.

I have read that different meats...different times, and it's done when it's done, but this seems excessive.
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Have you tested your smoker to see that it's reaching thhe proper temps? Drop a probe through the top hole, set the temp at 225 and log temp every 15 minutes for a couple hours. If you are not averaging close to 225˚ you my have a bad heating element or thermostat. If so, call Cookshack Customer Service at 1-800-423-0698. They will be happy to assist.

PS You might first test your digital therm - 212˚ in boiling water and 32˚ in ice.
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While it is a wonderfully made machine, sometimes it never hurts to confirm at what level it's working.

Definitely check the inside temp of the smoker. FYI, while a lot of people have their butts take 2 hours a pd, but mine seem to take never over 1.5 in my smokette. 2 hours seems to be more of an average lately in the forum, so more than 2hours per is probably an indication of lower internal temps.


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