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I already own a Salter kitchen scale. But it has 7 lb max and a round 6 inch diameter plate. It is a great digital scale if you want to bake a cake.

I need something which has a bigger plate and can handle more weight. For example, I go to Costco and buy a large hunk of meat. I might cut it into two and trim it etc. I would like to weigh the meat before I place it in the smoker.

Please include a ballpark price estimate with your recommendation.


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Make sure when you buy it, that it has a maximum weight that will work for you.

Full briskets can be 15lb, a pair of butts can be also, turkeys can be big.

too many scales have a max that just won't work.

Also look for a tare (reset) feature. I put the pan for the food on, zero it out, then weight the food.

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