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Wings are great if you use the high heat on the FEC. We used a sheet pan lined with foil, a grid that sits up on that a bit so you get drainage onto the foil. Spray the grid before you put the wings on. You can marinate the ribs or rub them beforehand. If you're preheated it only takes about 30 min. Watch them after 20, and turn if you want to. They're best right after that dipped into your sauce, but they're good if you need to hold for awhile at a lower temp. they just won't be as crispy.

Make sure your FEC is nice and clean before you do this.

P.S. We use the lower 2 racks usually, but you can use all of them if you remember to drop down a rack, or rotate the rack positions for them when you check them at 20 min.
It'll slow things a bit, because it takes me awhile to move them all. Jack's faster and doesn't change his results much when he moves them around.
Make sure to leave a little space between them so you don't have partly pink skin. YUCK
Good luck,
Thanks Skip, I was going to post that also.

Greyhounds/Prisonchef also isn't involved in the forum any more.

So, one with the question.

Linda, the problem is do you want smoked wings or grilled wings.


they're so small and have enough fat, I don't want them low and slow. I want the hot and crispy. I will do them in the FEC, but at higher temps (over 275) and I'm not really worried about the smoke.

If you want smoked wings, just do them at the lower temp to get the smoke you want.

FYI, don't miss that Wings List I posted. There are too many there for you to try Big Grin

Massive Chicken Wing Recipe List

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