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Welcome aboard Garner.
You need to keep the temp below 150. I've done them on the FEC-100 along with the Amazen Tube Smoker. I couldn't control the temp spikes, so I let em smoke with the tube smoker and finished em in the dehydrator. An oven will work too. Just prop the door open a bit to allow the moisture out. You need to open the smoker door occasionally too.
Hi Garner,

Welcome to the forum.

Have a look here:

I just did a quick search and found the above (there were more). Given we have around 100,000+ posts, we've likely hit on most topics (but it CAN be hard to find them) Frowner.

You can always ask, and if we are lucky, you or someone will find a post with the details to get you started.

You can smoke just about anything you want. Just keep the temp lower so you don't "cook" the peppers. You want to smoke them and dehydrate them.

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