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Well anyone got any major relaxation plans for the upcoming weekend? Being friday and all it creates an excellent doorway for the weekend to start out right

Thinking about smoking a brisket with a mexican seasoning type rub...lots oh cumin, chipotle, chili powders....

chop the point and make some beef enchiladas or carnitas or tamales. Some nice rice and cervesa. Maybe slice the flat and serve with a spicy mexico version of a BBQ sauce......
chips, guac and salsa.

ARRIBA!!! Roll Eyes
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Can't get away from Cinqo De Mayo here in New Mexico, all the bars and restaurants go all out, especially with a whole weekend to celebrate. Usually stay away from these madhouses! Since I have been smoking jerky for the last week (practice makes perfect or something Wink) I will take a break from smoking and go to a nearby balloon rally where they make fajitas in woks made from the disks of a circular plow. Prefered drink is an Italian Margarita to clelebrate the weekend.


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