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I admit that I am cheap. I just could not justify the 70 bucks or so to get a baffle plate in order to cold smoke with my smoker. So, I went to Home Depot and looked around. I found some stiff insulation that has foil attached to it. I bought a chunk that is 2 inches thick and wrapped it a second time in very heavy foil. It sits on top of the bottom grill and a pan of ice water sits on top of it. Works great and a 4' x 8' sheet cost about $15. That's a lot of leftover, but I'm sure I'll find another use for the leftover.
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I only use it for cold smoking;
I put in wood, fire up the smoker until the wood starts smoking real good, then put in the baffle and, in this instance, cheese. Then I turn the smoker off. I then plug up the hole on top so the smoke stays inside. The cheese takes about an hour to get the flavor I prefer. I don't think the foam core gets anywhere near warm enough to start gassing.
How about one of those insulated cookie sheets? They bring the temp down to prevent burning the bottom of the cookies. I'm thinking something like Airbake. Both Airbake and Farberware make a 14X16" version, it's the closest that'll fit. Put one on the lowest rack, pan of ice. Bob's your uncle.

Oh I forgot, they're about 11-12 bucks from almost anywhere.
Originally posted by skipro3:
... I then plug up the hole on top so the smoke stays inside...

ski, looks like you're really getting into the smoker and trying a lot of things and it's fun to read.

We've discussed this a few times here in the forums, be aware, that you could create overpressure and force heat/smoke/moisture in any new seams and openings. It can also reduce the available oxygen and smother the fire.

Instead of wood, try pellets or sawdust, they smoke at lower temps than wood chunks.
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