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Cooking 4 butts in the sm025 for my wife's work. I assume the cook time should be the same for 1 or multiple butts, please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't want to plan a specific time frame and not have them done.

Just curious how many sandwiches do you think I'll get from 30 lbs (uncooked weight)?

Also, I've never used a finishing sauce with pulled pork, what's the best and should it just be mixed in with the pork after it's pulled?

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Altho different raw product and different cook methods can give some variation in yield,if you think of 50% yield,or loss,you should be pretty safe.This is for bone in butts.

If the sandwiches are premade,you can establish the amount on a bun.

If you have young people and ladies,we use the 11 oz eight packs with three oz of meat.If they add slaw,or pickle and onion,it makes a workable sandwich.Men/older boys may eat two sandwiches.

If you go to a 13/14 oz 8 pk,then four oz of meat works.

Another way is just decide that, multiply the amount of raw meat times two will give you the amount of four oz meat sandwiches.

If it is mostly adult men,some folks just figure 2/3 lb raw meat per diner.
Always better to have a little extra. Smiler

Smokin'Okie's finishing sauce is a forum favorite and the recipe is all over the forum.

Many folks mix a little of their rub and a little of Smokin's vinegar sauce to achieve their flavor profile and moistness level.

Time to cook/finish should not be too far different,if the door isn't opened a lot to fool with them.

Many folks will recommend to cook them at a minimum of 235º accurate cook temp.

Hope this helps a little.
I second that about using Smokins baste and serving sauce. The last time I made my PP I shredded it all into a pan and poured the sauce over it. It absorbed into the pork nicely. I would make exta as it is great for reheating. I then slathered a good BBQ Sauce onto the bun for another layer of flavor with a scoop of slaw. That's just the way we like it. I have not noticed any changes in cooking more than one, except Mabel a little extra time for the smoker to come to temp with an extra cold butt in it.

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