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I am planning on cooking/catering/competition in the next year...I was wondering if anyone had a log that they used to keep track of cooking records, and what they measured. As far additional temp probes, I have a remote temp probe, will the cord coming between the seal and the remote unit affect the cooking time?
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I'm with Max,

Not sure if you're wanting blank logs or logs filled in.

Here is a zip file with two logs, one in excel, one in word.

You can also Google it for some other options.

These are the logs we've had since 2001.

You just need to download and unzip them.

IF ANYONE KNOWS of other logs, just post a link to this thread.

Example, Virtual Weber Forum has a log:

I was looking for a sample log on what is recorded. Do you measure the temp on each rack or do you just record the temp for the whole unit? Do you record different cuts or weights of meat? Thanks for the info. I am getting an FEC 100 this week and want to know what other folks record in the cooking log. Thanks you guys for the input!

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