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I am going to buy a cs 50 in the next couple of weeks, but I thought I would ask a question first. Before deciding on the cookshack, I looked at my bosses smokintex. The inside looked as though it had never been cleaned(NASTY). My question is would it be ok to place a butt in a disposable aluminum tray while cooking to cut down on the amount of cleanup. I can't see how it would affect anything, but I felt it would be best to ask those with some experience
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The link Tom mentions is the "lessons for new users" at the top of the Open Forum. Lots of good info about cleaning, etc.

Go look inside most stick burners, they look worse. Really doesn't matter as long as the meat isn't touching the metal.

No, I don't like the pan method. Keeps the smoke from hitting the meat in the bottom of the pan and it also allows the meat to cook in the dripping fat.
It took me a year to develope that nasty black coating inside my 055. I scrape the thicker portions off from time to time...but, for the most part, you want that seasoning. As long as you keep your racks and the top of the heating element shield/roof clean, you're good to go.
Hey Steve -- "Welcome to the Forum" from one Arkie to another! Big Grin

Don't be concerned with keeping your smoker clean. We work long and hard to build up that crusty black stuff. Take a look at any well-used grill. Nothing there is going to kill ya! Just scrape it down a couple times a year and you'll do fine!

The folks here on the forum know their stuff! You can't go wrong with Cookshack!

Good luck & have fun!Big Grin

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