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Hi folks,

I just purchased an Amerique 066, which is my first electric smoker. I have a pretty basic question. When a recipe says to hot smoke for 2 hours at 225 degrees, do you begin to time the 2 hours when you load the smoker and set the temperature to 225 degrees, or monitor the smoker until the internal temperature reaches 225 degrees and then begin timing the 2 hours. Thanks.

Bullseye Bill
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Congrats on the new smoker and welcome to the forum.

What recipe?

Smokin' has taught a lot of us that this isn't like baking a cake, recipes and smoking don't work well together. With that said, if the recipe is not one that was found in the forum, you may need to tweak it a little too work in the CS.

I normally don't prewarm my sm020, but that does depend on what I'll be smoking.

Once again, what are you wanting to smoke?
Originally posted by Bullseye Bill:
I sense a little sarcasm, which is not appreciated. The "recipes" were found in the Smoked Foods Cookbook that Cookshack provided along with my new smoker.

no sarcasm intended. It is a legit question concerning the use of the word "recipe". Unless it is specifically stated in any written recipe I would usually assume it to mean preheated.
As I have used most of the recipes in the Cookshack cookbooks over my 20 plus years here keep in mind that a large portion of them were sent in by customers. That being said they are reasonably close from a cold oven unless they say to preheat.Also keep in mind that everyone's opinion of done is different so you may decide after a test cook that you would prefer it to be a little more or less done and can adjust in the future. Keep good notes and all will be great.I also recommend using a digital meat probe so you can monitor and make adjustments as deeded.
bulleye, this is your first post, so don't take it wrong. It's a valid question and we're always here to help.

The issue is that indeed, while they may be called a "recipe" in a book, that doesn't mean if it says "cook for two hours" you just pull it out at two hours.

You are correct in asking, because the recipe didn't say a cold smoker or a hot smoker.

Assume it's AFTER the smoker is up to temp.


Check out the thread at the top of this forum "lessons for new users", I believe in there one of the things we've mentioned is to ignore those times.

Why? Because of experience. I've seen 100's of posts over the 12+ years here that people were disappointed because they followed a recipe. There are a LOT of variables. You mention one, but also is the smoker running at that time (or a little hot or a little cold) what is the weight of the meat, the thickness, the prep method, the meat is it enhanced/brined/something else.

There ARE a lot of variable.

Good news? We can help.

Instead, start a new thread, in the appropriate forum, and let's discuss what you want to cook, the specific recipe and how to tell when it''s done.

Rule #1. Keep a note book. You'll want to build on your experiences.

Rule #2. Read. There is a LOT of valuable information here, most from new users who've learned a few times and tried to share that info

Rule #.3. Have fun. Really, those bozo's above really were just trying to help, they just don't write these long winded SMOKIN' posts like I do... Big Grin
Good question. I've mostly just started things in a cold smoker, watch the temp and probe for tenderness to determine when things are done, using the recipe's projected time as a guide. But when you read a recipe for oven cooking, it tells us to put things into a preheated oven.

Good advise above. Most recipes here are submitted by non professioanl users. Whatever you're cooking, check previous threads here for the item you're cooking, and you'll get an idea. Most of them will probably state, "Set the temp to 225 and throw in the meat." I've always assumed that meant not preheated, but the submitter may not even have thought to clarify.
"No Sarcasm" from this "BOZO"...LOL!

Really, some of the complaints that I've seen on the forum is from that cook book. It's not the recipes are bad, it is times will vary from smoker to smoker and pieces of meat to pieces of meat.

Like Smokin' was advising and what I did a LOT, is to start a thread and ask. There is a lot of knowledge that the forum members are willing to share, besides it helps the lurkers that are afraid of asking.
Good suggestions from all the experience above.
Th first step most of them are giving you is start with what you are given and then some ol' noncom may have suggested "Adjust,Adapt,Overcome"

Some of the "great words of wisdom" posted on here even by me are often tried,then adjusted by the cook,adapted by the situation,and then their cooking problem is overcome.

Might be better than mine,might not,but it worked for them.Then, from their notes and experience[that is what some gunny may have]they can adjust,adapt,and overcome the problem.

When you get to briskets,you may get a better feel for the comment. Smiler

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