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They usually only offer the FEC Comp Class in the winter (when the instructors are available).

There is a new restaurant/catering class being offered this summer.

We just had the first backyard class and had about 30 people, I don't know when/if they're be having more of those.

If you have a particular interest, get in early, they always fill up.

I'd contact the person listed on the webpage link and ask them so they know what you want and will notify you of any classes as they open.
It is the first time I've ever seen this one offered.

I can speak from experience of the others that you get more than what you think.

Cookshack isn't in the class business,they are in the "provide service to their clientel to assure they are successful".

The FEC classes are to bring together successful cooks from all over the country,to brainstorm all that is working,build a network and grow the success.

Cookshack brings all the best together,and treats you great.
Originally posted by Kurtsara:
Originally posted by Team Butcher BBQ:
John, that won't be possible because we do not allow the taping of the class.

Why can't you guys tape it and sell the video on write protected cd's?

All the guys putting on classes get a lot of money for them and they are very hands on.

If I was teaching a class for $150, $300 or $500 I'd have to sell the DVD for at least that, plus the cost of producing, protecting, etc.

Given the way society has gone to steal things like that for free (torrents, downloads, etc) I wouldn't do it for any class I teach.

I as a teacher think the Hands On approach is the only way to teach BBQ (the forum is okay, just not my preferred method)

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