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Bought the above for $50 untried. Some rust on the bottom edges, but otherwise in decent shape for its age. Didn't have means to test electronics when purchased so I don't know if it works. I know CS has a retro kit if they don't, but not willing to spend the $600+-.
Is there any threads that others have rigged whatever to make it functional?? Otherwise I will have a pretty cheap cambro type food keeper or storage.

Paul B


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So far it buzzes and the temp digital lights try and light. I don't know the last time it worked, I have had my eye on it for three years and decided to ask about price. It's been in a surplus kitchen supply house for years and the last two not protected from the weather.
Here in Florida its been raining everyday so no time to work on it.

Paul B
OK, got some troubleshooting time in this morning...Hmmm seems to work. someone has worked on the electronics before. The on/off toggle switch has been bypassed, no biggy, just plug in and unplug for power, will fix in future.
Since I don't have an owners manual I was winging the controls on the outside board. The led read out is not showing completely so I was guessing at some numbers. At this point I don't know if the set and forget settings work, but the smoker temp works. I increased the temp by 50* by some led read out and quesswork.
Got it up to 300 +.
Now, somewhat of a problem....the contactor works but buzzes when pulled in?? Fix for that? Maybe just some more cleaning and lubing where appropriate?
I cook by doneness and not by temp. so if the set and forget doesn't work I'm ok with that.
So far it works, so for the $50 I spent and it keeps going I think I've done good. Mind you this is a 1993 model!!!!!
Now I just need to scrape, rust treat, and paint and clean......What to smoke first????

Paul B
Ok, got it working, sort of.
Got my first cook under my belt, usually use a UDS or mini Uds's. Have learned constant temp is a must for these. I smoke by temp not by time.
Since the LED readouts are not working fully it is hard to determine where I am at. My four chickens came out fine except the were slightly over cooked, still juicy though.
Is there any workaround fixing my LED display so I can know what's going in my cooker??
Again it is a 1993 sm105 commercial cookshack!!!!

Paul B

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