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Originally posted by jjhacker:
I have tested a prototype since last October. Works very well. Even cooking constant once you learn the oven.

At 700F how much smoke flavor do you get? Seems to me on the CB36, the hotter the operating temp the less flavor we get due to most of the fuel simply burning up rather than making smoke. I would also be a little concerned at the lifespan of the igniter rods if you are getting anywhere close to 900F which is listed as top temp.

I would love to try one out though. We make quite a few pizzas on the modified Traeger and they usually turn out decent. Smiler
I really don't taste smoke. A wood fired pizza does have a unique. Guess that the difference between gas and pellet cooking. I just love the taste. Can't really speak to igniter rods. The burner is kind of the chargriller with thermostat control Good to talk to CS also
While we are talking pizza, anyone care to share a simple dough recipe that would work well on a pizza stone? I prefer a thin, crispy crust but my wife and two boys always want a thick (pan pizza) crust if given the opportunity. I think we just buy the dough packets from Walmart when we make them here. Now I'm hungry for pizza!
Here's my trick: pick the local pizza place you like best and ask them to sell you a ball of dough. In my experience they all are happy to do it, and will sell you a pre-made, pre-risen ball that will make two medium pizzas, for about $5. I make pizza on the grill with the dough rolled out thin and well oiled. lightly brown it on one side, then flip and ad the toppings (pre-cooked if necessary). Once the cheese melts, you are done, with a crispy crust and a great flavor. I've also done it on a pizza stone in the oven, but it has to be screamin' hot.
Hey Andy,

Sorry if your experience at pizza shops isn't good on buying dough. I've found that on the Jersey shore, the pizza capital of the world, that everyone understands that people want to make their own pizza and are proud to have their raw dough considered the best by word of mouth. In a very competitive market, that's what counts.

PS: don't ask at a big chain restaurant.

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