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thanks, just wanted to know for sure, you won't need a PM, plenty of people will jump in.

The Brisket Rub is Stuarts and basically for me it's a Head Country Clone, with salt instead of MSG. Obviously I use it on brisket, but I like to add a lot of pepper when I do (but that's me and brisket).

The Spicy Chicken Rub is like Tony Chachere's (cajun) and basically is a hot rub that is good if you want spicy or as a 2nd layer with other stuff o add some heat.

The rib rub isn't something I use, haven't in years, so I'll let someone else jump in.

The mild sauce tastes just like Head Country Mild

The spicey is Donna's Family recipe and most people like it a lot. The sauce mix is the same as that, just makes a LOT more

When I got my cs020, we only got small jars of rib,chicken rub and no brisket. I have since bought brisket rub and it is nice.

When I do my PBs. I use the rib rub and put a finial coat of chicken rub on to give it a little heat. It works for me.

Now this brisket rub is awesome, I have only used it twice but I've started to add some sugar in the Raw. It gives it a little sweet taste,builds bark, and to me tames the salt.

Want HOT chicken, use Smokin's brineIII and coat that chicken in the chicken rub.I've had compliments on this, but the wife won't touch it, oh well!

I've used the rib rub on my ribs plain, with a little chicken rub. It worked but I think, I my try to tweak the brisket rub for this.

I liked the mild sauce that came with the cs020. Didn't get any spicey when I got my smoker. I have picked up a bottle to try sometime.

Keep those rubs out of light and with the lid on and they will last a while. You can mix to suit YOUR taste. Have FUN!!!

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