I have been cooking on my cs 20 for a few weeks now. All has been well. I go out this morning to start a batch of sauasage and set the temp to 140.

It climbs and climbs. I have tried it three times now and the temps keep pushing up over 250 (where I finally get tired of watching it and open the door, change the temp to see if its the set point and try again.

No difference it keep exceeding the set point like the thermostat is stuck so to speak?

any ideas?
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I recall (but can't 'find' thread) that the smokette temp controller was "upgraded" in the second half of 09 to improve startup smoke. The temp controller was reprogrammed to stay "ON" for first 20 minutes or so, regardless of setpoint. The idea as to get the wood smoking initially and then settle back to setpoint control afterwards.

If this applies to your unit you could verify this by allowing oven to operate long enough(30-60min?) for temp to settle back to setpoint and control.

Verify with CS tech support on Monday. I'm sure they will provide solution if required.
redoak, is right on about full blast everytime it is turned on. Might make sure nothing is on the internal probe or against it.
you guys are the best, I guess I have never watched it that closely and have always just come back whenever to start my cook.

I waited 20 mins and the temp started dropping.

Thanks guys.

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