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What specifically are you meaning by dead? Old posts that don't get much reply or just not enough posts every day?

I see you only have a few posts, so you haven't been around a while. One thing we have a LOT of is lurkers, people who read but don't post. From the stats we have quite a large lurking population.

Sometime don't forget that there are so many BBQ sites, there's just not enough time to hit them all.

This is is "mostly" CS owners and I find they come for a while, share/pass/gain experience and the move onto other sites.
I'm with you. I'm still new to elec smoking and have a ton of catching up to do. I really enjoy my smoker and info I get from this site. I hate to say but I have my iPhone set so all post are sent to my email. I like reading from the forums that much. I've tried a few new things but then again everything I do on this smoker is new. Maybe w
everyone is busy cooking up new dishes.
I've been using some of the John Henry rubs for years. The Pecan rub is exceptionally good - works great with salmon and chicken. I recently used the Texas Brisket rub on an 8 pound flat cut. It was quite good. Somewhat similar to Cookshack's Brisket rub (my "go to" rub for brisket). One of the best rubs they have is Pappa Charlie's. The best way I can describe it is like a greek-style rub. Works great on beef and lamb.

I can't imagine using a raspberry chipolte rub on anything except maybe game meat.
Originally posted by cal:
Another nice rib rub that I have tried lately is Cimarron Docs Rib Rub, it has a little bite to it thou.

Cal the comp class I attended last year with Chris Hart of IQUE...he used Cimmaron Doc on the underside of his St. Louis Spares... a light sprinkle of Smokin Guns Hot on the top followed by a 2nd layer of Trim Tab Pig Powder on the top. They knocked my socks off.
I will say one thing about dead threads. I don't think many (less than 1%) actually look at what's been written, either manually or via a search. Occassionally we'll have an old thread pop up, but there is a LOT of great info here. More than you could get in a handful of BBQ books for sure.
What Smokin' says.The FEC forums are the "book" on the FEC.Many of the top cooks made an effort to give all their hands on experience,transport,recipes,techniques,etc.

Many of our regulars will suggest reading the Smokin's 101 on a product and maybe the forum archives on the product.

Some of the regulars will get tired of "how long to cook a pork butt" when the same question is covered weekly.

I periodocally stray over into the "FIND" at page top for the archives and read all day.

I get everybodys' best info,and I have forgotten much of it.

Yes,info on a new technique,or product is interesting.
As long as the thread is hijacked,I'll comment on the raspberry chipotle.

The last place we took a day off to judge and see what was being presented at a state championship,that stuff was there.
Someone must have taught a class with it somewhere?

It was on all the chicken and went thru them all from there.At first, folks thought charcoal lite and then maybe creosote.Others thought they got a spoiled box.

I guess that is why they say "to just compliment a well cooked piece of meat".
S&H, I don't buy rub online, but if I did, this would be where I might start here at KC BBQ Store . I actually go there and buy my rubs in person, I will catch David(Butchers) at the comps and buy my injections from him in person.

The store will carry all of our forum members rubs...Plowboy,Butchers, Oakridge...etc. If you make it up there on a day trip stop by and ask to sample some, but make sure you go next door to Oklahoma Joes BBQ and eat a GOOD meal.

Sorry for adding to the thread jack, oh well!
Thanks Cal. Information I can set my teeth into. No really for a guy just starting out there must be thousands of rubs out there. Some good lots bad I'm sure. Ive shopped around the house found some good ones. I read the forums and use the find function,take notes. If you start lookin for 4 or 5 different brands that the Pro's here use none will be on the same site. I just thought I was missing something. Shipping and handling with tear a hole in your change pocket. I'll take the training wheels off soon and be riding with the big boys in no time. Bare with me.
S&H, You hit it on the head when you said there thousands out there. And ech one can taste very different on various meats.

For Brisket, I feel like you can't beat Cookshack's Brisket rub.

But for other meats, I go in a variety of directions. I have taken several classes, and each one has used something very different. No one has used anything close to one another, and they all are winners.

Try a shaker at a time, and try to get to some kind of event where people are selling their stuff. Just ask to taste, till you find one you like.

Many people will come on and give you ideas, and here are a few I would maybe try.

Tennessee Master Que, Obie Que, Reufus Teague, Head Country, Cimmaron Doc's, Butchers, Cookshack

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S & H,I'm no pro ,but I do cook with a bunch.

Those that try to teach me encourage me to learn to cook the product and worry about rub last.

As Randy,a fine cook,mentions CS Brisket may have won as many top contests as most of the others put together.

In a pinch,as mentioned,tweak it by tasting in your hand and add a little something you like.
It may work on many things you cook.

At least,they try to teach me. Big Grin

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