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Originally posted by Coach:
since this thread has become a free for all....

Hey Maxie.... tell the gang who dropped by and dined at your joint the other night.

I certainly hope their table had 'Windows' Big Grin

Let's just say I'm one of the few with access to Melinda & Bill Gates AMEX card #

Very nice folks. A youngster sitting nearby ran out to the car for his laptop and got Bill's autograph on the case Smiler

OK /hijack before Smokin has a meltdown.
Originally posted by Pags:
My sentiments also. I'd like to see more activity with folks posting recipes, experiences, pictures, favorite rubs, favorites marinades, techniques etc. This site has been pretty inactive lately, and it can be so much fun and interesting when everyone participates.

We are in the process of moving from Maine to Florida so I've been lurking lately. Have not run the CS for a month now Frowner

Will be smoking almonds for Christmas gifts soon, and I've got a hankering for some spares as soon as I get set up in the new house.

I've already signed up to judge at the Lakeland Pigfest 2012, so I may meet some Florida forum members there. If you are attending Pigfest send me a PM so we can arrange to meet Smiler
Originally posted by Tom:
Well,I guess we got our wish about an active post.
It was so meaningful to my cooking techniques,I'll probably go to the archives and study it repeatedly.

I wonder what I should look under to find the info I need? Confused

Maybe under NBC (no bbq content)?

Brian- still lurking after all these years...

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