Used an old brinkman for 6 years. I just ordered my 009 this past Sunday, from the Charcoal store does anybody know the delivery time to New Jersey? Also what works best wood chunks, pellets or chips.
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I ordered my AmeriQue from the Charcoal Store and it arrived in Louisiana in 5 days. Use wood chunks!From the Charcoal Store you should get the 5# that comes with the CS and an additional amount of the wood of your choice!
I also ordered my SM50 from the Charcoal Store. It took 5 business days for it to get delivered to my New Jersey home. It was shipped on April 18th and arrived on April 24th. Not bad at all and no damage to the smoker, which was my primary concern. My smoker was shipped via UPS.
I've only used wood chunks in my smoker. From what I've read here, chunks are the best type of wood to use. The chips/pellets may burn too quickly.
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Use wood chunks.

Pellets and chips will burn to quick. You can use them, but you have to place them in a foil pouch to keep them from smoking too fast.

I'd just call the Store and ask about delivery, they can tell you if it's shipped out yet or not.
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The Charcoal Store will most likely send you an email when your smoker has been shipped. They should also provide you the tracking number of your shipment.

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