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I have a Cookshack 105 unit that has worked well for years. However, now the display has burned out & I am unable to find any replacement parts anywhere. The solution available through Cookshack is to replace/upgrade the IQ4 Controller Upgrade Kit, with holder (to convert models 105/106)for $625. Any other part sources available?
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To tag onto Smokin' and an earlier post about getting a used smokette.

CS used to take smokettes in on trade ,refurb and give them as gifts to employees.Also,many folks upsize/upgrade and trade in their existing CS.They are refurbed and given a warranty to be sold,as available.

Could be worth another call to sales,see what is available,and what they can work out to suit you.

Essentially,if the controller were replaced,you could be getting a virtually new $3-$4 k cooker for that price.

They are in the service business,so can't hurt to discuss it. Smiler

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