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I recently read a review where a guy went through about six smokers. On all of them there is one thing he kept pointing out. Their lack or ability to hold a full slab or ribs. He even pointed out how the AmeriQue was able to do it but was limited because of it's 14" rack width.

This certianly would not have been a problem with the SmokinTex 1525, the racks are 18x18. I'm new at this but I would think that people who needed to cook for many, they would find this a must.

My questions are:

1.)"How important is it to lay the slabs flat as opposed to cutting or folding them?

2.)Is there a work around for the smaller racked smokers that would allow them to compete with the larger units?

If not, then there are indeed certian advantages in going with the SmokinTex.

By the way, here is a link to that review article:

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Can someone with an Amerique measure the rack size? I think CS has an error in their data for the AQ. I once ordered Stainless racks for my 055 and they sent me the AQ racks instead. I measured them and I am sure they were 17+ inches on length and width.

CS says they are 18 x 14 on their web page.

Originally posted by ALL:
I'm a new forum member - just ordered my AmeriQue yesterday. Have you had a chance to use the rib rack yet? In particular, I'd like to know whether I should order rib racks for myself. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Anyone else who would like to chime in is encouraged, too!



I got to use them on the 4th of July. I usually smoke St. Louis style spares, but this time I did baby back ribs. They work great! They fit in nicely and I was able to put all the ribs on one rack. I highly recommend them.

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