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Ok, I smoked my second brisket with no foil and it came out just a tad dry. It's almost 2:00 PM CDT, company coming over at 6:00.

Anything I can do to moisten it up? My thinking is to get a can of beef broth, maybe add just a touch of my homemade sauce to it to give it the BBQ flavor. Drizzle some over it. Will that work?

Any suggestions?
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Like cadillac said.

Worst case,heat a pan of lo salt beef stock,a little wooster, a few TBSP of your sauce,some rub,a little margarine,to about 180º-200º,slice the brisket pencil thick,add the slices,with enough juice to cover.

Taste all this-first ,to be sure you would eat it.

Hold in liquid, at least 20 mins.
I mixed some beef stock with sauce and a little rub, poured enough of the mixture to barely cover the bottom of a 9x13" glass dish, layed the sliced brisket in it and drizzled the remaining mixture over the meat and covered the dish with foil. Popped it back into the smoker, set on about 140˚ for about an 1 1/2 hrs. Total amount of the mix used was about 1 cup.

BTW, Sliced brisket had chilled in the fridge so it was set in the pan cold.

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