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i am sure that this is a really stupid question, but are they indoors or outdoors?

i mean, the electic and oven parts makes me think indoors, but smoker seems more outdoors.

also, do they tend to put out a lot of smoke through a vent or something?

sorry for the stupid questions.... (cuz im sure they are)
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Welcome to the forum,
I use one of my smokers in the garage with the window open and use the other one on my concession trailer. It is basically outside on the porch.
As far as smoke, There is quite a bit of smoke that comes out of them. You don't have to burn alot of wood,but they do smoke.
I have two Cookshack smokers and love them. Smiler
Any smoking (ceptn' for the bottled variety which is a bad word here) produces smoke.

Simple, go with one of the commercial models like the SM150 and get the optional smoke hood. Just be sure you have installed in your kitchen an adequate ventilation system or can get the duct to the outside with no problem. The house may smell like a BBQ joint, but we must make sacrifices for the finer things in life.
I keep my 008 out on my deck all the time. You are correct in that the electronics need to be protected some what from the weather. I built a little cabinet with a door on it that my smoker resides in all the time even when I am smoking. I put a hole in the top with a curved pipe to keep out the rain. I talked to a guy at the local Cabelas and he keeps his in a Rubbermaid container and even smokes in it.
No stupid questions here, just ones that haven't been asked in a while.

They're indoor or outdoor.

Indoor you'll need a vent hood with enough draw to put the smoke out. Some will come out from the door and most through the vent, but it's not such a huge amount it can't be controlled.

Outdoors, no worries, just keep rain out of the hole (it washes off the rub on your food) and out of the electronic dial.

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