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I have to admit being remiss on many things,even my passion, BBQ. Eeker

Is this the weekend of the FastEddy Cooking Class?

Just an antecdote,that besides Smokin' and other great cooks participating in Eddy's classes.

Years ago,when we had the privilege to cook with several top cooks,drbbq told me to follow Eddy around.

He told me Eddy doesn't even know the stuff he knows.

He thinks all folks know these things,so he just skips over them. Roll Eyes

We have been following him for these years,and parlayed his thoughts into more than our share of walks to the stage.

What I'm saying is, pay attention and you'll reap the benefits.

Just my $0.02
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Its brutal here too. Light rain, about 50*, and overcast. We'll tough it out though. Tomorrow should be more normal, sunny and dry, but still cold with the high only in the 50's. Just a couple of days ago it was upper 70's, and when the temps plummet down into the 50's and you almost have to start wearing long pants and socks, you really know it's winter. Big Grin
OK, here's the real deal. I'm fresh back from CS Cooking School and have had a little time to go through the material and reflect on the weekend.

I can't say enough about the class.

I wasn't at the event for very long and it was soon obvious that the entire Cookshack crew is a class act. Sitting down and having supper with Stuart and his gang is as relaxing as having supper with some old friends.

The students in attendance at the class were from all over the country and Canada as well.

The material that was provided to the students was impressive and well thought out.

All of the presenters worked together as a team. Both Fast Eddy and Dave Bouska were tremendous in their presentations. Dave began the session by explaining that he was VERY ANAL in his BBQing. No apologies were needed for that character reference. We learned over and over that both he and Fast Eddy are actually very precise and meticulous in their competition BBQing. Which explains why they are - where they are today. At the top of the heap.

Head Country products are not available locally and I was unfamiliar with their line. No longer. Paul Schatte took the CS students on a tour of their nearby facility. Great products. Now I see why they crank out some 5,000 galons of sauce a day.

SmokinOkie, along with other competition cooks like Todd Johns, were on hand helping out behind the scenes giving aid and advising students during break time.

It was a feast and I'm running out of thing to compliment on.

Superb class - a class act!


(Burrr It was 13f on Friday morning of class. HA! I was sure I was going to warm up a bit in OK)

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