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I copied this from a posting some time ago, and this was using a pellet grill...

OK here is my typical steak dinner (by Fast Eddie)

First I like baked potatoes with my steaks so I go out and turn the grill on at 400 and put potatoes on the top rack right side.
I don't wrap my potatoes either; I just wash them and throw them on.
I run them for about 40min.

Then I go and turn the unit to 200. I normally cook a 1 inch thick ribeye. I put the steaks on the bottom right for 20min without flipping them.

Then I'll go out and turn the unit to 550. I do not open the lid.
I wait for 4 min then I open it up and put the steaks right over the fire on the "charbroiler" for 2 min a side.

Go get a plate and you’re ready to eat a nice med cooked ribeye.
If I have someone who wants a more well done steak then it goes back to the indirect to finish. If it is a strip cut, you'll most likely need to go back indirect because of the density of that muscle seems to cook longer for the same doneness.

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