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Hi folks,

I posted this question some time ago and didn't get any responses, so I'm going to try again.

Has anyone had any experience using any of the fat substitutes for making sausage. I've been told to cut down Frowner (blast it!) and I have friends who would prefer to do the same.

There is an outfit called Zach's that has a product but I don't really want to buy it without an idea of how it does.

Thanks for any advice.

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I have tasted a "sausage like product"( IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SAUSAGE) made with a fat substitute and it was disgusting. Thinking back upon it now I would almost swear that it had sawdust in it.

I don't know if something went terribly wrong with the initial sausage making process or just the fact that a fat substitute was used, but I would not endorse it

The Sausage Maker used to promote a fat substitute product, but for some reason it has been discontinued. Hmmmmmmm.

I'm not saying that it isn't worth a shot on a small batch of sausage, but I wouldn't commit alot of meat to it until I tried it.

It's quite possible that with some modifications you could produce an edible and enjoyable product.

One thing we all know for a fact: Fat is flavor!!!

Best of luck to you and let us know if you should decide to venture forth with this.
Thanks for the reply, Brew. Indeed fat is flavor. Rats! Mad


I've been making turkey and chicken hot and/or mild italian mostly (with natural casings.)I've had pretty good luck, at least my friends say so.

I hate to mess with what small succes I've had, but I'd be open to any suggestions you've got.

Hook, It looks like you are doing what I was gonna suggest. Use turkey breast meat.

If you do a 10# batch use 9# of ground turkey and 1# of ground pork butt. If thats too lean then go 8.5# & 1.5#.

10-15% fat content just isnt that bad, and alot of that renders out on the grill.

If you pan fry sausage use extra virgin olive oil. Better yet put it on that broiler pan that came with your kitchen range and broil it.

Personally, if I was told I had to cut back on fat I think I'd keep my sausage at the level I like (maybe just dont eat it as often), and cut back fats in other foods.

Its the fat content in food that we dont associate with fat that causes most of the dammage. Just read all the labels on the cans and boxes in your pantry.

Just my rambling thoughts.
Yes fat is a flavor enhancer but fat holds moisture inside the meat which is flavor also. For every 10 pounds of fat you cut out add 1 cup of dried milk to you spice mix and then add the water to the spices and mix it like a cake batter then add it to the meat block and proceed as normal.
Example : if you use a 50 lb meat block and 10 lbs of fat for a 20% fat content, cut back to 5lbs of fat and make it a 10% fat content and continue.
Thanks for all the good ideas.

Geiyser,, I think I'll try cutting back on the fat as you suggest and replace with David's milk powder or Joe's oatbran if I have to reduce it even do more. A 10% fat content doesn't sound that bad (particularly if I don't tell my doc.)

And Donna, The stuff you mentioned is the goo that started this whole thing. Smiler

As always the forum comes through.

Much obliged.


Like David B I use the dry milk too. Sorry I left that out. It makes a great binder.

For 10# of the 90%/ 10% mixture I use 2 cups of dry milk and 1/2 cup of ice cold water.

Normally I put all the spices in my spice jar, add the dry milk, and shake it all up. Then I throw the 1/2 cup of water on the meat, spread the meat in as thin a layer as my lug (tub) allows, and sprinkle 1/2 the seasoning. Mix thouroughly sprinkle on the remaining seasoning, and mix again.

Let us know how it turns out!
Its been quite awhile since I tried it..I just put it in venison burger to try..I didn't notice any odd taste, and it gave it the texture of having fat in it ..I was always going to try it in sausage..this is from the sausage maker..I was planning on using some of this with a little fat also..if you would like to try some email me your address and I will send you a sample
Hi Hook
I use a product from the sausage maker called uncle abes fat replacer. It's made from oats and comes packaged in two sizes for fifty or one hundred pounds of meat. I think it's the same as a product called go-lean. I use it in a smoked roasted garlic sausage that I make with turkey meat. I don't notice any flavor or unpleasant texture it actually works quite well. I have cut down the fat in all my other sausages also but I only use this product in poultry sausages. I bought a meat mixer from LEM and the difference in texture from the better mixing and the fact that my hot little hands aren't in the meat to warm it up have actually allowed me to cut the fat and keep a nice texture. The handle that comes with this unit is useless because the way it's geared you can't turn the handle fast enough for for long enough to do you any good so I connected my grinder motor to it using an impact socket with a built in universal as a coupling and it works great. I also use powdered milk but only in smoked sausage not fresh. Hope this is of some help.


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