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You won't find them for sale here because forum policy prevents it. You'd be selling them on the site that makes the new ones and CS wouldn't make any money on a used sale.

But keep an eye on the sites above, they do come around, but it's usually someone that HAS to sell them for some reason.

I think it says a lot that you don't see them for sale very often Big Grin
The newer models have all the improvements so they can be rolled into a high rise building,to cook in a commercial kitchen,pass all the health dept/safety regs,etc.

Folks that have earlier models just got used to them,and had such success with them,that they won't part with them-just in case they ever need another cooker,or a fallback for volume,etc.

If they sold/shipped them,etc,they likely couldn't replace them for what they got for them.

Occasionally,cooks decide to build a trailer with a pair with opposing ,opening doors,varying rack systems,other items that may give flexibility to a cook trailer,kitchen,etc.

Like Smokin' says,occasionally life requires folks to part with items,and word of mouth-among cooks-usually snaps them up.
Just to remind folks, that the forum policy, as explained on the main page, indicates you CAN NOT sell smokers on the forum.

You're directly competing with CS who pays for this site.

From the main page:

Please Read This if You Are Thinking of Trying to Sell Competing Products on the Cookshack Forum
This is not a classified ads forum. Cookshack is in the business of selling smokers and other barbecue products. The expenses of this forum are paid by Cookshack from income made from selling our products. If forum members advertise competing products we lose income.

There were 2 posts trying to sell FE's, so I just closed the thread

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