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OK, I was going to do my first butt this weekend, but I just can't wait any longer. I have an 8#er. I am going to put it on tonight. I will not be able to take it off and wrap it until 5PM tomorrow. What do you think about this plan for timing. I was thinking put it on at 8 tonight at a lower temp than 225 (maybe like 210 to slow it down) and just let it go and the hold feature could takeover until I get back. Any thoughts ?
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Ive done many of butts in my cs 150, Threw em in abt 8pm. cooked em at 200 until 10 am and foiled. Threw them back in at 140 and removed at 5 pm next afternoon.
Im not sure what to tell you w/americue. Call cookshack on the phone now and ask someone.
Not knowing what time you have to leave in the morning. It plausible to put them on now and foil in the morning before you leave it thats possible, and leave the probe in for the auto temp holding.
I would call cookshack asap.
Good Luck

Yeppers, pulled the day I foiled them. They were just fine.
Did I say or do something wrong?
My food was foiled, temp adjusted to 140 degrees and basking in its own juices in the foil.
Got that idea from Cookshack employee.
Done it several other times as well and everything turned out fine.
In my experience with an Amerique, when I started low (210 degrees) overnight I almost always wind up turning up the heat to make up for lost time. I would try starting your cook at 10 pm at 225 degrees and let the let the Amerique do it's thing. Do not open the door until it hits it's holding temp. I haven't had a bad pork butt yet! Good luck!

I did two 8 pounders yesterday in my AmeriQue. At 16 hours they were just right at 194* internal. Set at 225*, the smoker temp varied from 225-231*

However, I wont even use the quote of Smokin's that we all know so well. And as GLH said, the hold feature is a great butt saver (both mine and the pig's.) Smiler

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