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This coming week-end I will be cooking my first brisket for a family gathering. We will be meeting for lunch so I have a couple of questions.

1. What is the maximum size of brisket I can cook in an 008?

2. Instead of getting up all during the night to check the temperature of the meat, would it be OK to cook the brisket on Friday, foil it and place it in the rifrig over night and heat it back up Saturday morning in my smoker to serve for lunch?

Thanks for your help

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I put whole 12 - 14 # packers in my 009, sort of roll the edges up to get it to fit in. I turn it on 225 about 9 PM and leave it alone until about 7 AM, when it crank it up to 250 to finish when the flat gets to 190 - 200. Usually gets done about noonish.

Smaller pieces of meat would get done quicker, & yes they can be cooked the day before & reheated. That is generally a lot less stress Smiler
I have to agree with Wheelz, we cooked two briskets a couple of weeks apart. The first was nine and half pounds, started at 9:30 PM, 225 with 6 oz of wood. I just couldn't stand waiting past 9:30 AM and checked it, 203, done! I could slice it after it rested but the slices just fell apart, ended up pulling itt, Yum. The second was last Saturday. A 15 pounder, started it at 11:20 PM at 200 with 6 oz of wood and checked it at 11:30 AM. Probed three different places and all where 190. Let it go until 12:30 when it reached 195, foiled, wraped and into the ice chest until 6:00 PM dinner. Out of the cooler at 5:30, it was still at 190, sliced and served. Wow, these cookers are great!
I know from multiple experiences, if you cook a brisket to 205 degrees, then it will be too done. It will taste great but will fall apart when you atttempt to slice it. 190 is a great temperature to shoot for. That said, you could probably go to 195 and still be ok, but I have gone to 195 and the brisket was over-cooked. You should be able to slice the brisket with a sharp knife....(not an electric one).... then you should be able to pull the brisket slices apart with your fingers. The connecting tissue should tender and not chewy. Therefore, it should not be too tender as to shred when you are slicing it.

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