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I am trying first brisket tonight. I have an 8.5 lb. flat(choice). I am following brisket 101 guidlines. I put brisket on @ 11 p.m. I am going to bed and plan to check @ 5 a.m.. I set it @ 200. I actually hope it takes longer to do than around six hours. I will be serving this for lunch-early diner @ 3:30 p.m. fri. Any suggestions on reheating or how to keep it warm until then would be great. I have an ST1500 by the way and love trying new stuff for the first time, it makes me feel like a 7 year old on Christmas Eve!
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By now,it should be getting close.

Like D Reif suggested,wrap it in double foil with at least 1/2 cup of beef broth.

You could pour some hot water in your small cooler and let it set awhile.

Dry it quickly and cooler the brisket.
Fill up your dead space with newspaper,towels,blanket,etc.

Don't open it until 1/2 hr before slicing and you should get a good six hrs.

With larger loads of meat,we have held 9-10 hrs and still too hot to touch.
Thanks guys, your methods kept it warm until I seved it at 3:30. I pulled brisket @ 190. It took a total of 8hrs. 20mn. to get there! Man was it worth it, Turned out really good! I can see why these are popular, I am doing another one Sun. for my family! Thanks again for the posts, it makes it alot easier and less stressful knowing what has worked for others!

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