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I smoked my first brisket, I got it from walmart. It weighed 14.5 lbs before trimming. I separated the point from the flat before smoking it, as it would not have fit on the shelf of my SM025. I injected marinade into the flat. I smoked it at 225 for 14 hours. The point came out moist, the flat was dry and a little on the tough side. What did I do wrong? Why was the flat dry?
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I'm guessing it was undercooked. It's next to impossible to overcook a point so concentrate on the determining proper doneness on the flat.

Chances are, your Wally World brisket was Select grade...not as much fat striation/marbling. Suggestions on cooking selects is to leave as much fat as possible on the can always trim it down afterwords. Cook fat side will help shield the lean side from the heat source and reduce moisture loss.

The most critical element is determining doneness. Temps & times are just guidelines...even internal temps can be deceiving...some flats are done at 190, others may need 200+ before they're tender. I'll use a wooden shish kebab skewer to test doneness. Insert it thru the middle of the flat, top thru bottom. When it slides thru with little or no resistance, you're good to go.

Once you dtermine the brisket is done, foil and hold it at least 30 minutes or more. That will allow juices to resettle.
Tom and Max have both hit it.

No two briskets are the same. The flat and the point may cook a different rates. They will each reach temps at thier own pace.

Did 11 flats for work last week, and they varied 1 hour and 20 minutes on finishing up.

And did 30 packers three weeks ago and they ranged 2 hours.

Like they say, they are done when they are done. Oh yeh, practice makes perfect.


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