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Since Brisket 101 is blank I have a question. I am getting ready to do my first brisket flat (probably an 8 pounder from Sam's Club). On my offset, I used to cook at 225 until internal temp hit 160, then foil it with some sauce and put it back on until internal temp hit 190, take it out and stick it in a cooler for awhile. Is that still the plan in an Amerique or do you not need to foil it in a cookshack ? Also, what time should I start it for a dinner the next night assuming it can go in the cooler for awhile. Thanks !
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While Smokin' is rebuilding the 101 s,go to the FIND tab at page top,search for brisket flats,in all forums.

The Cookshack was built by Donna's family as a brisket cooker,and it cooks very moist.

A full load and you have to open the door to let moisture out.

I'd allow at least 1 1/2 hrs/lb.

As you know the hot box will hold for several hours.

It is sealed and flows little air,to dry meats.

I'd try your flats without foil,which is a stickburner solution to high air flow and oversmoking,at least a couple times.
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I just did several flats from Sams. They were each about 7-7.5 lbs.and had a very good fat cap on them. I did them in my AmeriQue, set at 225* with the probe set to 190*. The one on the second from top shelf took 13 hrs and the one on the top shelf took 13.45 hrs. I did not foil them until after I took them out of the AQ, then foiled and wrapped in a towel and put in the cooler for about an hour. They came out great, good bark and very tasty! Good luck.

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