Hello. Great site, glad to be here. I just joined-up today, so here's a little backstory.
I work(ed) in a high-end grocery store here on the east coast. Due to restructuring of "our" store it was deemed unprofitable and thus,closed yesterday. For the 15 or so years it was open , they had a Cookshack Super-Smoker manufactured in 1988. I was the chef there until yesterday and had grown to love this piece of equipment.
Knowing "liquidators" were coming, I made a quick call and now am the proud owner. It has always produced amazing food and I'm sure it will continue to do so from my home.
Just thought it a neat story and a way of introducing myself.
Thanks for listening, and look forward to meeting you all.
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Thanks Pags.
I've cooked everything under the sun down at work. Tomorrow I break her in here. Starting off w/a request from a purist for a turkey. Then tomorrow nite my pork shoulder goes in.
Couldn't be happier,
We travel the circuit all over the south and run into a bunch of great cooking old CS cookers.

What model is yours?

We see a bunch of restaurant units retire and are sold off to folks that know the Q,more than 20 yrs old.

My '96 CS160 gets worked like a borrowed mule,and never misses a beat.

Be nice,if everything in life was as dependable as a Cooshack!

We'll be looking forward to your input and expertise.
welcome aboard. You'll find some very helpful tips here. Can't wait to hear about the pork shoulder! My favorite (I'm from Eastern NC). Best of luck to you.
thanks for the great welcome everybody. think i'm gonna like it here. the model i have is the super smoker, #105, which has been converted to model 150. again, manufactured 6/29/88. (hey, theres a birthday coming up!)
anyway, i've worked this thing for the past 13 yrs. at my job and ALWAYS soaked the woodchips first. i sent for a new owners manual and it said not to use wet wood, only dry. now i'm confused....anyone have any feedback?
thanks guys
Originally posted by Todd G.:
Use dry wood.

And now you and your smoker can both get soaked since she'll be 21 soon. Smiler

Thanks, Todd! All these years of soaking....hmmm, maybe that's why it broke down a few times.
Unless you are cold smoking cheese,etc,throw away the wood chips.

Maybe small fish fillets,or shellfish?

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