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This weekend I took my first shot at boneless skinless chicken breasts. They came out okay, but not as good as I had hoped.

I brinned them for about 1 1/2 hours in a basic brine from the brinning 101 page. Then I washed them and placed them in a zip lock bag overnight. I preheated my CS 008 for about 30 min at 225. Then added 2-3 oz of apple wood chunks to the woodbox. Added the chicken and placed my meat thermometer in the largest breast.

I was planning on a smoke time of about 1 1/2 hours to reach the 160 degree internal temp. As the temp rose on the thermometer it malfunctioned and began flashing about 375 as the temp. I knew this was an error, so I opened the smoker and attempted to adjust the probe. I could never get the correct temp to register. At this point I had no idea how much heat I had lost from opening the smoker, so I extended the cook time by about 20 minutes. This was my mistake and resulted in an overcooked and slightly dry meat. It was still very much edible and with bbq sauce you hardly knew the difference, but it was not the quality I like. I also would likely cut back to 1-2 oz of wood since the chicken seemed to really absorb the smoke. I have grown up being preached to about making sure the chicken is always done and without the thermometer, I took a guess and erred on the long side. I will know better next time. In the meantime, I need to find out why my new thermometer malfunctioned. At the very least, I need a back-up on hand.
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I just had new 2 Polders of the same model bad. Similar situation, very high temps, but not flashing. My old Tayors and Maverick just keep on working. Get a Thermapen for a backup to test meat temp., it's the most accurate I have found.
Chicken/turkey always take on careful of over smoking foul.
Question, why did you preheat? Normally in a CS, that is a no-no.
Question, why did you preheat? Normally in a CS, that is a no-no.

Being inexperienced with the CS, I just followed what another person had done in a forum discussion on boneless skinless chicken. Maybe I will try something different next time. The thermometer (Polder) messed me up and my lack of experience then came into play. I guess with smoking, each time becomes a learning experience. Don't get me wrong, the chicken was good, just not great like I had hoped for. A little on the overcooked side.
As you say,each time can be a learning experience.

You should take good notes to refer to, for changes, or what you did that worked.

Skinless boneless breast is probably one of the most difficult items, to do on a slow and lo cooker.

Brining is essential.

I'd cook them as hot as your cooker will run,and put them in ice cold.

On a small Cookshack,45 mins is probably a long cook.

As mentioned above go to Target,etc and get a $16 Taylor and put it in a medium sized breast.

The Thermapen instaread mentioned is the best,but there are others that can work.

Set it for about 158º,so you are ready to pull them at 160º.

You can nick the big ones with a knife point ,to be sure the juices run clear.

Hope this helps a little.
Originally posted by SmokinSteve:
This weekend I took my first shot at boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Owasso is just down the road from our farm South of Bartlesville. May I suggest heading into Tulsa, go to 71st and Lewis, head west just a bit and pull into Hebert's Speciality Meats, and try Ed's Boneless Stuffed chickens. Also, they have excellant meats.

Yes, we like to do chicken ourselves but you may find it to be your choice meat market.

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