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I just started my first smoke in my new Amerique. My Amerique arrived yesterday, I seasoned it last night with four pieces of hickory at 225 for 6 hours. I just put in two 6lb pork butts, seasoned with Cookshack rub. I set the temp at 225 and set it to cut off at 194. I used three pieces of hickory and 2 pieces of apple. Did I do it right, how long should it take to reach temp?
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Set it to shut off at 194*, or to hold at 140* when it hits 194*?

Sounds like alot of wood if it is 5 chunks of the CookShack wood. It'll be OK probably since the smoker is not seasoned well yet.

Those butts might be done at 7 am, or 7 pm, or anytime in between. Anyone's guess.

Congrats on your smart purchase and welcome to the forum.

I cooked two butts this weekend in my AmeriQue. I also rubbed them down with Cookshack Rib Rub. Put them in on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. set it at 225 and took them off when they both reached 195 degrees. That was noon on Sunday.

Placed them in a cooler and pulled/shredded them at 4:00 p.m. Sunday. They were still too hot to touch!

Of course, they were excellent.

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