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I just wanted to share my experience in my FEC100 cooking Tri-Tips, I have done a lot of reading on the pro and cons of smoking a Tri-Tip.. And had to experience it all myself. I had a lot of my Neighbors over to taste and tell me what they thought.

So my first cook of Tri-Tips were absolutely perfect, so here is what I did..

I used 50/50 Hickory and Mesquite, Cooked at 224F cooked them slow till they reached 130F and pulled them, doubled wrapped them in foil in pairs and wrapped them in a this towel (which the wife wasn’t so happy) then stuck them in a small enclosed Coleman cooler.

I let them rest for 50 min. Then cut across the grain and served.

I prepped two Tri-Tips with my own rub, salt pepper, paprika, garlic, chili powder, rosemary, ginger.

I prepped one with injected with Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dry rubbed with McCormick Montreal Steak Seasonings.

I prepped the last one with injected with Worster Sauce and rubbed with McCormick Montreal Steak Seasonings.

Final Conclusion, Everyone in my crowd said that it was the Best Tri-Tips they had ever eaten; they all had distinct flavors and was cooked to a perfect Medium Rare. I cut the Tri-Tips to a thickness of number 2 pencil using me new Kushner carbon stainless steel carving knife. All I can say is that it was the Best Cook of any meat that I ever cooked..
You should of seen the smile the smile on my face.
Thanks for reading my post,

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Originally posted by Trucky1008:
Sounds really good, I'll have to give it a try. Did the injected pieces turn out any better than the one you didn't inject? Would you inject next time? Thanks

What i found out was that the injected Tri-Tip was way more tender but had a distintive taste, the non injected but rubbed only had way more smoke penatration for the flavor.

I have to say i thought the injected was more intence to the taste buds but the rubbed only tri-tips also had no fatcap on it so the smoke penatration was alot better, so my next cook I will be injecting with no fat cap to see if it takes more flaovrs.

Thanks for the reply,

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