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Anybody have some advice.
FEC 100 has been dormant since Christmas day (I know that is sad). Recently fired it up and it worked great like usual. Second use the fire went out, and pot was full of pellets, cleaned out the pot, restarted aand it was fine.
Third cook, flame out, pot full of pellets, cleaned out the pot 3 times and restarted, it never would restart.
Whats the deal?
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Check the fans. They do need to be oiled and if one of them sticks and the air doesn't blow, the fire might go out (but usually that only happens during the intitial ignite).

Had one fail on me (it was one of my comp and had LOTS of wear and tear on that puppy) and it wouldn't turn.

Turn it on, empty and check the movement of the fan, etc.

I have this problem on my PG1000.  Usually happens after opening the lid or dropping the set temp by 50 degrees (usually after dropping the temp from around 400 to 350 or 350 to 300). 

You can tell that when the temp doesn't come up fast enough, it starts feeding pellets faster.  Doesn't give the pellets time to flame.  Are there settings that would fix this?

FYI -- I have a brand new controller and brand new fire starter (can't remember what that's called).  Fans all work just fine.

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