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Well, I've searched and search. I'm presently doing a boneless pork loin, but I've read so much I think I may have confused myself. Throughout the forum there are recipes and instructions that say "take to ___*F and then foil with apple juice etc". So my question is, When "foil" is mentioned, is this foiling and putting back in the smoker? foiling and resting? foiling and grilling?

I'm about to get in the 130* range with my pork loin and I know these have a tendency of drying out. My wife and I are trying to decide on Drbbq's 137* cut and freeze pork chops, or take a little higher and actually eating as is.

Any help appreciated as always.
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I take it to that point and wrap it in saran wrap first.. with apple juice.. then in foil... then stick it in the cooler to rest. I don't like the foil touching the meat as I've had too many occasions where (after 24 hrs) I find holes in the foil from erosion.. I don't like the thought of that.. so, I put a barrier between the meat and the foil.. I think it's the salt that contributes to the "eaing up" of the foil.
Originally posted by FFMedic82:
So my question is, When "foil" is mentioned, is this foiling and putting back in the smoker? foiling and resting? foiling and grilling?

Well not EVERYTHING can be found in a search, so appreciate you trying that route first.

Normally those who use that 4 letter word (sorry, it's hard to type) will put their item in the @#$% and back in the smoker. The idea is to keep the item from drying out. Also foiling will actually "braise" any meat and create steam and help break down the connective tissue. But too much @#$%ing will soften the meat too much. I like a good back. An no, not foil then grill.

You'll also see references in your searches to the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours of smoke, 2 hours in @#$% and 1 hour out of the ##@$ and back in the smoker. That's for Spares. Some use the 2-1-1 for BBacks/Loinbacks.

I use high temp plastic wrap so I can reheat in the smoker or oven (at 250*).

Bob, you are SO right. Please don't use the home type Saran Wrap if you're going to put it back in. It WILL melt in the smoker. The commercial grade can hold up to temps. I did a test once, with SW. and it completely melted/ where did it go LOL
HA! As always, thanks for the help guys. Ended up taking the pork loin to about 144 and foiled with apple juice for about an hour. The end product turned out really good. Wasn't dry at all. The seasoning wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but thats got me more excited than anything. MORE experimenting. . . .whoopeee
Good idea. I think I want to start experimenting with some different woods. I've gotta do my research and get my bearings on the different flavors for the different woods but I'm just excited about all of this. Love all of the ideas though. Does cookshack ever put together a festival of any kind? Or is there a central location that puts one on that alot of the guys go to? Just an idea, but it'd be fun.

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