Oops. I put a brisket in at 7:00AM. It is now 11:00AM. I forgot to poke a hole in the heavy duty foil in the bottom. I hate to open the CS, remove the smoke box, etc.

Will I be OK just this one time??? I don't need a fire!!!
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Originally posted by Thousand Oakie:
Obviously you're not the first one to have neglected to poke a hole in the foil...in fact, if we had a show of hands you'd find most of ours in the air! Then the 'next' thing to forget is to put the pan under the smoker...Oh, yeah, like nobody else has forgotten that!! Cool

Exactly...and the great part about it is a person only makes these mistakes once...well, hopefully.
Well forgetting to poke a hole is understandable especially if you set it up after first removing your last smoke! Once I remove my meat I clean up my smoker and set it up for the next smoke minus the wood chunks. I always double check my hole when I add my wood for my smoke. ALSO, I do NOT let anyone clean it or set up for the next smoke but ME!!!!

Well this morning I started smoking 2 slabs of beef ribs. I kept checking the temp but it was not going up as fast as I thought it should. I thought it had started the plateau stage sooner than expected. WELL, my huband went to check on it and discovered my smoker had been UNPLUGGED!!!! UUUUGGGGHHHH It seems my son unpludded it the other night to plug in a flood light so he could use his solar baseball hitter! UUUGGGHHH

I think forgetting to poke a hole is more forgiveable than smoking with out the smoker plugged in!! I feel soo stupid!! UUUGGGHHHH

Lovetocook.....That happened to me once.......now, after I place the meat in the smoker, I don't leave until I see smoke....then I know all is working fine!!!

As far as circuits popping.......you can always plug a night light in the other plug and turn it on.....if the circuits pop you will know if the nightlight is out...


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